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Visual dBASE 7.5 Fixes and Enhancements


Visual dBASE now supports StdIn and StdOut in the built-in File class, allowing Web servers to communicate directly to dBASE Web applications without the "middleware" required in earlier versions. Direct connection dramatically improves already-fast dBASE Web performance.
The Visual dBASE Report Class now supports StdOut as a native output option, allowing reports to be streamed directly out to Web servers. Reports can be called and run directly from a URL typed into the Web browser.
The Visual dBASE Web Classes are new classes, written in dBASE, that allow very rapid black-box code-level development of database-oriented eCommerce applications.
The Visual dBASE Web Wizards have been updated to utilize the new Visual dBASE Web Classes and support for StdIn and StdOut.
Visual dBASE 7.5 now ships with a royalty-free distributable ODBC driver/engine for Extended Systems highly-scalable Advantage Database Server.
DataModules have been simplified for use with Forms. Dropping a DataModule on a form now creates a DataModule object, not a DataModRef object as ocurred in earlier versions. DataModules now have a Parent property that allows you to navigate up the object hierarchy from a Field, Rowset or Query to the Form that contains the DataModule.
DataObject icons now display their Name property on all visual design tools, including the Form Designer and DataModule Designer, making identification much easier.
A new entry-level book by Ted Blue of Blue Star Training, The Visual dBASE Developer: Book 1 Getting Started, is included as a user manual in Visual dBASE 7. Reference manuals will now be ring-bound.
The Visual dBASE 7.5 CD now includes the dBASE Knowledgebase in HTML format.
The Rowset class has a new property called masterChild that allows you to set a dBASE parent-child relation as "Constrained" or "Unconstrained". The dBASE data classes only supported constrained parent-child relations in prior versions.
The new "TextLabel" base class a low-resource text class for labelling objects on a form. Forms paint faster and use less resources.
The TreeView.Class surfaces new capabilities through its new StreamChildren and TreeView and LoadChildren methods. These methods allow TreeViews to be saved to and loaded from disk.
In the Report Designer, Text objects that are DataLinked to an empty table field now display asterisks so that the Text object is visible and is selectable.
A new onKey event has been added for Entryfields, Comboboxes and SpinBoxes.
A new focusBitmap property has been added to the Pushbutton class that allows you to change the bitmap when the pushbutton gets focus.
A new canSelChange event has been added to the notebook that lets you validate before a page change takes effect and prevent or allow the page change to execute.
A new drawMode property has been added to the Shape class.
All new real-world sample applications are included in Visual dBASE 7.5, including a Contact Manager and eMail Client.
Find and Find-and-Replace dialogs are no longer Modal. You may now access the code underneath the search dialog while the dialogs are onscreen.
Copy To Array is no longer limited to 32,767 array elements.
You may now select the FoxPro table type from the Inspector when using the Table Designer.
All version information (version, build and BDE version) are now displayed in the Help/About dialog.
All valid file types are now supported in the Open Table dialog that's called by the DO and MODIFY COMMAND commands.
New Visual dBASE Web and "Powered by" bitmaps are included in Visual dBASE 7.5
A new multi-language single-CD install.

Bug Fixes (Completed)

203 Correct file versioning and product information is now imbedded in the Visual dBASE binary executable files which will eliminate problems with updating existing Visual dBASE installations, and client upgrade installations of the Visual dBASE runtime engine files.
037 CheckBox.OnChange now fires when the CheckBox text caption hotkey is typed.
065 ComboBox.OnLeftDblClick event now fires only once instead of twice.
138 Style 1 or 2 ComboBox dropdown list now stays down when using the keyboard to make a selection from the list.
050 When an Editor has input focus, Shift-Tab will now move input focus to the previous control in the tabbing order.
093 Right mouse click on Editor control no longer gives the Editor control the input focus when Editor.When returns False.
085 EntryField.Keyboard method now works when Editor.DataLink is assigned.
053 A modal form is no longer permanently hidden behind the Visual dBASE FrameWindow when an invalid date is entered in an EntryField or SpinBox.
082 Form.OnLostFocus and Form.OnSize now fire when the form is minimized.
248 A non-MDI form will no longer be hidden behind the Visual dBASE FrameWindow when the form is first opened.
300 The size of a form no longer increases when Form.WindowState is changed in program code.
072 An autocentered MDI form opened into an already maximized MDI application now opens correctly without hanging and without corrupting the Window menu.
036 The Foreground window is now set correctly when opening the Inspector, Field Palette, or Component Palette when using the Form Designer.
038 Image position and size no longer changes erratically when a file is assigned to Image.DataSource and Image.Alignment is set to 4 - True Size.
044 When a tool window (Inspector, Component Palette, and Field Palette) is opened, if the tool window is positioned off-screen, its position is automatically restored on-screen.
139 The size of the tool windows (Inspector, Component Palette, and Field Palette) no longer grows when the tool windows are set for 'Always on Top'.
103 Right-click on an object in the Form Designer now correctly updates the Inspector display.
105 In the Form Designer, objects on the first tab of a NoteBook can now be selected when there are other objects on other tabs of the NoteBook which are positioned directly below the object to be selected.
106 Pasting a NoteBook onto a form from the clipboard in the Form Designer no longer causes 'Variable undefined: Parent' error.
127 Value = False is no longer streamed to the WFM in the Form Designer for PushButtons.
251 The Form.PopupMenu property is now readonly in the Inspector when the form is opened in the Form Designer to reduce confusion. The Form.PopupMenu property can only accept a valid object reference to a Popup, which can only be created at runtime.
333 Popup menus are now positioned properly with any setting of Form.Metric.
294 In the Form Designer, the nibs (sizing handles) are now correctly updated when the Forward and Back buttons are clicked in the Inspector.
016 Copying and pasting a Grid in the Form Designer no longer produces an erroneous 'Variable undefined: COLUMNHEADINGCONTROL' error.
188 When pasting controls in the Form Designer, the last control that was pasted now remains selected.
301 In the Form Designer, the Choose Resource Image dialog box used to assign graphic resources to Images and PushButtons has been widened to make the resource filename and resource name more visible.
014 The record pointer for the current record is now maintained properly when deleting records in a Browse control.
018 The Grid EditorControl.OnLostFocus now fires when input focus is moved to a control external to the Grid.
019 The Grid no longer causes Rowset.Field.CanChange to fire twice when a value is changed in the field using a Grid.
058 Grid ComboBox.DataSource is now streamed to the WFM correctly.
081 A Grid with MultiSelect set to True no longer causes a GPF.
087 A Grid using a ComboBox with an OnLostFocus event handler no longer causes a GPF when the form is closed.
120 The 1-pixel display hole above the header in the Grid has been corrected.
285 Multiple instantiations of a form using a custom Grid no longer causes a GPF.
113 F1 online help topics now work correctly for Database, Query, StoredProc, DataModRef, Session, HScrollBar and VScrollBar objects in the Form Designer.
132 Image objects now release the file handle when the Image.DataSource is cleared.
264 Image.Alignment now functions properly in reports.
310 GIF images in Image objects are now displayed correctly when the form is repeatedly opened and closed.
324 COPY FILE <filename> TO <newfile> now works for graphic files which are currently held open by the Image object.
094 Divide by zero no longer corrupts Visual dBASE internal memory and display.
267 When executed in a PushButton.OnClick, QUIT now causes an orderly and complete shutdown of Visual dBASE.
145 SET EPOCH, SET CENTURY and EntryFields and SpinBoxes no longer return 'Invalid date' error for 02/29/00.
360 SET TALK is now forced to OFF in the runtime engine.
097 Beginning a new file edit in the Source Editor using MODIFY COMMAND and then closing without saving no longer creates an empty file.
011 Ampersand (&) characters are now displayed correctly in a ListBox.
027 Menu StatusMessages are now displayed correctly for submenus.
095 Menu StatusMessages are now displayed correctly for MenuBars attached to _app.FrameWin.
020 NoteBook.OnSelChange event no longer fires twice.
041 A Popup menu's ClassName is no longer erroneously changed during subsequent design sessions in the Popup Menu Designer.
061 The Progress object now updates its display properly for large numeric ranges.
024 The default status of PushButtons is now correctly visually updated after a change to the PushButton.Default property member.
249 PushButtons now display the correct spacing between the bitmap and the text when using split bitmaps.
007 An invalid or nonexistent name assigned to Rowset.IndexName now generates an error.
080 Moving the input focus away from a RadioButton in code now correctly updates the focus rectangle and does not cause a GPF.
063 Rectangles with visible set to False and contained in a Container are no longer visible when the form is opened.
028 When previewing a report on-screen, backward navigation using the PgUp key now works when Report.MDI is set to False.
046 The reference count for a report procedure file (REP) is now maintained correctly so that the procedure file remains in memory after releasing the report.
066 Report detail data now prints correctly when printing a page range.
224 In the Report Designer, if 'Snap to grid' is turned on, objects added to the report are correctly positioned within the grid.
126 In the Report Designer, Line objects now only have 2 nibs (one at each end) instead of the previous 8 nibs, and the nibs are now larger to make it easier to visually position the Line objects.
263 In the Report Designer, nibs (sizing handles) are now displayed correctly when multiple Line objects are selected.
126 Corrected problems with selecting Line objects in the Report Designer for reports which contained Lines which are closely positioned to other objects.
126 Report Designer menu options Layout|Align and Layout|Size now work correctly for Line objects.
126 Group selection of Lines now works correctly in the Report Designer.
265 The Report Designer Edit|Undo menu option now works correctly for Line move and Line resize operations.
165 StartPage and EndPage properties are now handled correctly when printing reports.
175 Rectangles in reports are now printed in the correct position.
199 The report preview window is now opened at 0,0 left,top coordinates instead of being offset down and to the right.
240 Report.Printer.ChoosePrinter method no longer causes a GPF.
004 A field can now be dragged from the Field Palette to the PageTemplate in the Report Designer.
091 The Report.InDesign property is now displayed in the Inspector.
128 Multiple object selection using Ctrl-LeftMouse-Drag lassoo now works correctly.
223 Multiple object selection using Ctrl-LeftMouse-Drag lassoo has been changed to allow the lassoo to begin within the report PageTemplate area which makes the lassoo operation much easier to accomplish.
166 In the Report Designer, overlapping an existing control with a new control added from the Field Palette no longer causes the existing controls to be moved from their original positions.
167 Controls added in the Report Designer to the StreamSource.HeaderBand are now adjusted for size properly based on the Report.Metric setting.
172 Automatic positioning of summary fields in the Report Designer has been improved.
173 The Report Designer split pane ratio is now saved and restored across Report Designer sessions.
238 Report.InDesign is now set correctly when a report is loaded in the Report Designer.
262 In the Report Designer, objects can now be selected when other objects are directly below the target object.
101 Rowset.Modified is now correctly set after a change of SpinBox.Value.
287 F1 online help topics now work correctly for Database, Query, StoredProc, DataModRef, and Session objects in the Form Designer.
025 SpeedTips now display correctly when the SpeedTip text is changed while the form is opened.
181 The 'Fix' option from the error dialog no longer opens the Source Editor shifted down and to the right.
283 SpinBox objects can no longer receive input focus if SpinBox.When is set to False and the spin arrows are clicked with the mouse.
086 SpinBox.RangeMin/RangeMax no longer allow input focus to leave the SpinBox if a value is entered that is not within the specified range.
030 In the Table Designer, setting a level 7 table date field default to TODAY no longer results in 'Invalid Month' error.
198 In the Table Designer, setting a level 7 table field default to NOW works correctly.
226 In the Table Designer, setting a level 7 table TimeStamp field default and Paradox Time field default is now validity checked.
125 In a non-MDI form, undocking a ToolBar and then positioning the ToolBar to the right side of the screen and then docking it on the left side no longer causes repeated ToolBar refreshes and GPF.
000 Quit now quits.
006 In the Form Designer, Controls are now visible when pasting to a page other than page 1 in a NoteBook.
074 Form.ActiveControl is now updated correctly when focus is moved to a Grid by clicking on a Grid editor control.
092 A child table save is no longer forced when saving to a parent table when the tables are linked using Rowset.MasterRowset/MasterFields.
131 Trailing spaces in Grid column HeadingControl.Value no longer causes FontUnderline/FontStrikeout to extend past the end of the text in the HeadingControl.
135 Clicking a control's inspect button in the Parent property in the Inspector now correctly updates the nibs.
171 The correct year is now returned when incrementing Date.Year property.
187 The ComboBox now selects the correct item when a letter is typed.
261 Error 'Unable to create component' no longer occurs when using a Grid with ComponentTypeDate=0 in [ComponentTypes] in VDB.INI.
280 Setting LookupRowset in the Form Designer and then saving no longer causes a GPF and loss of form source code.
350 The Text.Width is now set correctly to avoid wrap when placing numeric fields in the Report Designer.
351 Objects placed in the report detail band are now visible even when no rowset has been assigned to the report's rowset.
355 Delete key now works when the Report Designer is opened with the Inspector closed.
375 Report.InDesign is now correctly set to False in application executables.
383 Improved form repaints during loop processing.
385 The 'Cancel' PushButton on the Printing dialog now works.
387 Copy control and paste to a different form or NoteBook page now works.
417 Parent property of data access objects is now readonly in the Inspector.
054 Grid.CellHeight is now recalculated automatically when Form.Metric is changed.
055 Grid CheckBoxes now display properly when FORM.Metric is set to any value.
130 Grid column selection highlight no longer paints into the Grid's horizontal scrollbar.
414 Custom Form Designer now streams code for event function pointer assignment.
418 Double-clicking CFO, MNO, POO, CRO, DMO, CDO in the Navigator no longer starts multiple dBASE sessions.
431 Opening a database with OPEN DATABASE/SET DATABASE TO, then CLOSE DATABASE <databasename> no longer causes a GPF.
231 SpeedTips are no longer corrupted when Internet Explorer 5 is installed.
442 Toggling DataModRef.Active property no longer causes a GPF.
035 Opening a maximized MDI form (Form.WindowState = 2) no longer forces the Command window to appear when the Shell is set to False.
069 Display corruption and GPFs no longer occur when opening maximized MDI child windows.
163 EntryFields that are DataLinked to a memory variable no longer cause a GPF.
433 The ChoosePrinter function no longer loses GDI resources.
217 The Inspector is no longer turned off between Form Designer sessions.
445 Rectangle and Shape on a report with output streamed to HTML no longer cause a GPF.
012 Grid ComboBox now correctly displays non-default FontSize.
340 Form.CanClose now fires when the form is minimized and CLOSE FORMS is executed.
415 Can now inspect DataModRef.Ref to see contained data objects.
419 Corrected a problem where dBASE could become invisible whe running a form with an error in the class constructor code.
460 Temporary files are now deleted when sending report output to HTML.
462 FORM.ScaleFontBold is now correctly streamed to the form's source file (WFM).
463 SET EPOCH default has been changed from 1900 to 1950.
464 Source Editor window is opened in position and size contained in VDB.INI when opened from the error dialog 'Fix' button.
471 Grid now correctly sets Rowset.Modified.
473 When report output is set for HTML, the output file extension is now defaulted to .HTM if no output file extension is specified.
137 Table Designer now opens with input focus set.
479 Grid no longer causes GPF if Form.Release called from Form.CanClose.
484 PushButton.Value now changes when a PushButton is clicked after the PushButton.Value was changed in code.

Note: A number of other internal architectural revisions have been accomplished which affect overall stability and resource usage.

Bug Fixes (Still Open, Pending Verification)

117 ComboBox.Height is now correctly maintained when pasting a ComboBox in the Form Designer.
278 DataModule Designer no longer crashes if using .SQL file with a Database reference.
284 GPF no longer occurs when opening a large number of tables.
286 Using a custom DataModule in the DataModule Designer no longer causes a GPF.
293 A GPF no longer occurs when Form.OnOpen calls Form.Close with a Form.Release() in Form.OnClose.


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