DBASE IV 2.0 Compilateur

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dBASE IV Compiler v2.0 for DOS product description


Borland's dBASE Compiler for DOS is the only compiler that is 100 percent compatible with the dBASE language. It allows users to create stand-alone executable (.EXE) applications from dBASE III, dBASE III PLUS and dBASE IV programs -- without modification. Compiled applications can be run without a copy of dBASE, runtime modules or LAN Packs, and can be distributed free of license, royalty or runtime fees.

The new compiler includes 32-bit support, enabling users to compile and distribute applications developed in dBASE that are up to twice as fast as applications built with dBASE IV 2.0 or the dBASE Compiler 1.0, and up to 20 times faster than dBASE IV 1.x and dBASE III PLUS.

The compiler also introduces an intuitive menu-driven user interface, which makes it easier for both developers and users to take advantage of this greater performance.

This compiler is completely compatible with different dBASE-language applications.

New features in the dBASE Compiler 2.0 for DOS include:

32-bit .EXE file generation, enabling compiled applications to run up to two times faster than dBASE IV 2.0 or the dBASE Compiler 1.0 --and up to 20 times faster than dBASE IV 1.x and dBASE III PLUS. 16-bit support is still included.
An intuitive menu-driven user interface that allows all of the compiler's options to be set through pull-down menus and dialog boxes, for easier and more efficient compilation.
AutoCompile and AutoLink that automatically locate, compile and link specified programs into an executable file.
Date and Time Stamp saves time by only recompiling modified programs.
Automatic access to four gigabytes of memory through the dynamic Virtual Memory Manager.
Smaller .EXE size -- compiled applications are up to 50% smaller than version 1.0.
Optional .DBO file creation allows users to better manage object libraries.
MAP file creation that assists developers in documenting and modifying programs.

Hardware/Software Requirements:

The requirements for the Compiler are indentical to dBASE IV v2.0, excepting 386 support. dBASE IV only runs 16-bit therefor only needs a 286 or better. As noted above, 16-bit support is still included with Compiler.

System Requirements

An Intel 286 or higher based PC for 16-bit support
386 or higher computer to run 32-bit applications
DOS 3.3 or later, 100% - compatible versions
Minimum 640k base, 1 Mb extended RAM (2 MB extended RAM recommended); supports up to 16 Mb extended RAM
Minimum 3.5 Mb of hard disk space
Monochrome, CGA, EGA, or VGA monitor
Optional: Microsoft Windows 3.0 or later, or IBM OS/2 2.01 or later

Networks supported

Novell NetWare v2.2 and v3.11
3Com 3+ Share v1.60 and 3Com 3+ Open v2.0
LANtastic v4.01
Banyan VINES v5.0
MS LAN Manager v2.1
IBM LAN Server v3.0
AT&T StartGROUP v3.6; - 100% compatibles to the above

Optional Equipment

PostScript Printers, Hewlett-Packard laser printers and dot-matrix printers
Math coprocessors, Intel 80287, 80387, and 100% compatible
Pointing device: mouse



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